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Welcome to "blog4y" project

Document version.

For blog4y version: 0.4.0.

Source files are at revision: f4a39f2ce57d.

Package is at release state.

Build date: 2013-02-25.


blog4y is blogging for you.

Project goal.

Project goal is to allow you easy post and backup blog articles to most free blogging hosting.

Project provide:

  • Python API (not yet).
  • Command line utility.
  • Emacs integration.
  • GTK UI (not yet).


All files released for free use without any restrictions.

In countries where defined copyright low this mean that all author preserve their non-property right (право называться автором, TODO).

In countries where defined public domain this mean that all text file with stop word lists in public domain.

Versioning rules.

We use usual major.minor.micro schema. So

  • major mark backward incompatible changes. Upgrade scripts provided.
  • minor mark backward compatible changes. New API, GUI or fallback/backward compatable protocol changes or backward compatable storage format changes.
  • micro mark compatable changes in both direction. For small fixes.

with one exeption: while project major version is zero minor changes may break compatibility and we does not provide upgrade script to new version.

Getting sources.

To clone repository run:

$ hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/blog4y/code

To push to repository you must have write permission and do:

$ hg push ssh://$USER@hg.code.sf.net/p/blog4y/code


View bugs.

Report bug.

Create new ticket, report bug, ask for enhancement.


Wordpress blog on SF.


Trac wiki root on SF.


Project at Ohloh.
Project at Freecode (Freshmeat).